It’s About Time Suffragette Was Made. But Where Is The Feminist Man?

The world of cinema has always been, and still is, dominated by men, who represent an overwhelming majority of film creatives and critics. Nevertheless, men were the minority at the screening of Suffragette organised by the Bechdel Test Fest. Even though the film was made by and for women, the absence of the feminist man is worrying.

Words: Alina Kay, Subeditor: Lauren Burgess

Suffragette ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

The sold-out screening of the film on the 23rd of October was followed up with a Q&A with Natalie Press the BAFTA nominated actress who plays the renowned martyr Emily Wilding Davison, Faye Ward – producer, Helen Pankhurst the great-granddaughter of the infamous suffragette and Sophie Mayer – a respected feminist film critic and university lecturer.

Natalie Press, Helen Pankhurst, Corrina Antrobus, Faye Ward and Sophie Mayer, photo by Alina Kay


Read the rest via The Voice of London


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